This blog is to open the minds of people in a more layman kind of way. I want people to ask questions and inquire about what’s going around them. Why do you believe in god(s)? How do you get motivated to do things? Should Gay couples get married?

There are sites out there that write or talk about atheism, critical thinking, motivation, and news; but this blog is more for the regular person…the beginner in all this. I’m not a person who does this for a living, so I’m not a professional and I don’t know everything. However, I will give you my opinions, my experiences, and tell you what I find during some of my research into certain topics. We’ll be learning together most of the time.

So I hope you enjoy my blog. If you have any topics you would like to discuss please feel free to contact me. Take care and I hope you get to broaden your mind just a little.


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