Are You an Atheist?

What makes an atheist? What makes us so different than everyone else? Could you be an atheist and not even know it? Why do I always start my posts off with questions?

One who would like to know what an atheist is would probably look in a dictionary. Well, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an atheist is “one who believes there is no deity.” This is true, however most atheists are not full atheist. To be an atheist is to know 100% that there is no god. A theist, on the other hand, “knows” 100% that there IS a god. To know something 100%, in my opinion, is wrong and can never fully be proven.

Then there are agnostics. These are the people who state that they do not know if a god or gods exist and that it can never be proven either way. This is another way of saying that they know 100% that a god can never be proven or disproven. Again, I think this is wrong.

What most atheists are are agnostic-atheists. To put simply, these are people who state that there may never be a way to prove or disprove a god, but the evidence sways towards there not being one… they do not believe one exists. To put it another way, this means that an agnostic-atheist believes that there could possibly be a chance that a god or gods exist, but the possibility is so small that it’s probably not true. One way you could look at it is you stated to me that fairies exist. I could never disprove that they do exist, so I have to leave my mind open to the possibility that they could exist, but the lack of evidence points me to not believing in fairies.

Now to go on the other side of the spectrum, agnostic-theists believe, like agnostic-atheists, that one may never prove or disprove that a god or gods exists. The two differ in that agnostic-theists believe that the evidence points to the existence of a god or gods. To me, this would be like a person believing in fairies because they saw them, but I couldn’t disprove it so they now believe in fairies.

I, myself, belong in the agnostic-atheist class. I may never be able to prove or disprove the existence of gods, but there is no substantial evidence to say that the do exist. Even if a “god” should happen to appear in the sky for the whole world to see, I would first attribute it to some advance technological extra-terrestrial species. As Arthur C. Clarke stated in the book Profiles of the Future, “Any sufficiently advance technology is indistinguishable from magic.”If we were to go back 500 years into the past, what would you think people would think of our technology? We can go thousands of miles per hour, we can obtain information in a flash, we can blow up whole cities. We would be like gods. So what would happen if aliens who are 10,000 years or more advance than we are were to show up. A lot of religious people would probably think they were gods. This is just an example.

So what do you think you are? Are you 100% certain that a god exists? That there is no doubt in your mind that you are correct and atheists are wrong. Scientists are wrong. Evolution is wrong. Your god is the one true god and everyone else’s god is wrong. Or is there a possibility that gods do not exist, and you need to ask those questions that religious people don’t want you to ask. Think about it. Don’t just dismiss it because you are afraid of the answer.

Would you bet your whole life to a god that may not possibly exist? You’re WHOLE life?…..


8 thoughts on “Are You an Atheist?

  1. I believe 100% that there is no god or gods, anything that might present, as you say to the contrary, I would attribute to a superior race. If those that would believe otherwise like the way their boogyman runs this world and those in it…. well so be it. The countless millions killed in the name of God would surely disagree with his existence.

    • I have to ask the same question as if you were a theist: What concrete evidence do you have to state that you believe 100% that there is no god or gods? Do you not think that you are making the same type of statement as most theists?

      • No.I would never feel”preachy”about my lack of spiritual belief. I state what I feel, aka my opinion. The concrete evidence for me came with my knowledge of religions. Based solely on that, the inconsistencies, flat out lies, the horrible things done in the name of a god none has seen…only felt his presence in times of comfort. I am not bitter,I am relieved, like you now I am a good person because I want to be not because I am required to be. Anyone can distort any story the way they want, ask any grown “child”this question, “when that bad person was molesting you and you went to church the following Sunday, what made you such a bad child that god would forsake your prayer and let that same person walk you to school the next day?” Where is god then, a six year old, child is an innocent, by any religion, why would a god let them be harmed? Unless of course we make up stories to comfort said child later in life…Give me an alien race who just likes to see how’d f’ed up a world they can create and watch overover… all things being equal, the simplest answer is the right answer

      • But just because current religion is inconsistent and full of lies does not mean that we may never obtain this information. The chance is slim, but the possibility is there. I totally understand where you are coming from, but the difference between you and me is that because you can never fully disprove that a god or gods exist, you can never really fully dismiss it. Even it’s a chance of a god existing of only 0.0001% or lower – you can never get to 0%.

  2. Atheism is about belief. So, no, you don’t have to be 100% sure, it’s enough simply not to believe in any gods (many theists also can have doubts, meaning that they are not 100% sure but believe in one or moe gods).

    • No, religion is about belief…..atheism is about knowledge. There is no concrete evidence or any provable knowledge about religion. Atheist strive for knowledge in all type of areas; truth, reason, humanity, science, and so forth. Again, it is knowledge that makes up an atheist. And remember, belief is only the conviction of truth.

      • Nope, Atheism is NOT about knowledge. That’s simply nonsense. Agnosticism is about knowledge (gnosis, greek “knowledge”). And no, to be an atheist, you simply have not to believe in any gods. End of story. You don’t have to strive for knowledge. It’s enough to not believe.
        Many active atheists are skeptics, but that’s not a requirement. Don’t try to put more in Atheism than there is. There are, for example, millions of atheists in the eastern parts of germany who simply lack belief but nothing more. Still, atheists.

      • You fail to forget that agnosticism is under the umbrella of atheism, as is humanist, secularists, diests, and so forth…so there are different degrees of atheism. The purest form of atheism is to “know” that a god or gods do not exist and there is nothing in this world that would ever change youur mind otherwise. And, when I say atheists I mean agnostic-atheists as they are the majority.

        Now when I say knowledge, I’m not saying you have to have a degree in some scientific field, but you acquire knowledge to make an informed decision. Otherwise, you would be no different than hardcore dogmatic theists.

        Unfortunately, I do not have the time to write down every single definition, explain what I mean by knowledge, by morals, by the various degrees of atheism, nor will I explain this in every single post. I will, however, bring this up in my next post. I’ll delve in a little deeper into what we have talked about so that I may refer people to it for reference purposes.

        Thank you for bringing this up. I am no Richard Dawkins, but I’m sure he, too, gets all types of feedback. I look forward to more of these type of comments.

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